Atlas Haulage

Atlas Haulage was formed on the 12th of June 2016. Atlas Haulage is a virtual company working to change ways that companies work. Our management work as a TEAM to supply the best company of its kind! Furthermore, our OPERATIONS are made to suit the driver's needs, and our ENVIRONMENT is terrific. Our work force have EXPERIENCE in virtual companies, which means we are a successful team!

We are committed to providing the best trucking experience that you can find and are committed to providing some of the best events ever. Our Deliveries are always done to top standard. We have a dedicated team in CC who aim to successfully pilot your convoys with no room for errors.

At Atlas, we strive to get our team working together as a united front in everything we do. We motivate them to socialise.

In order to work as a team successfully, it's important to remember the basic operations of being a team. We aim to have an honest open view to all aspects of working in a team. In order to stay strong, we run by a simple moral code to respect and support each other.

Training Department

The training department is where all of the applicants for the company come to do get top notch training to then complete our driving test. We have some of the best instructors and examiners in the TruckersMP community. When you arrive, you will be asked to fill out an application form which gives us a bit of basic information about yourself. If we feel your application is good enough, you will then be put through to an interview where one of our friendly instructors or examiners will ask you a few more questions.
If and when you pass your interview, you will be put through for training for our driving test. We will instruct you on how to complete our manoeuvres as long as you know the basics of driving on the European roads.

Atlas Haulage Image
Atlas Haulage Image
Atlas Haulage Image

Events Department

The events department is where the interesting stuff happens. This is where we will plan all of our convoys and special events such as truck fests etc. Our convoys are planned to the finest detail and we make sure that every convoy controller knows exactly what to do by using a range of spreadsheets engineered to make sure people understand exactly what to do. Also within the events department, we offer training to any Atlas member that would like to do convoy control, lead or tail in convoys. We make sure that our CC are trained to the highest standard before we let them loose guiding our convoys. If you pass the training for CC, you will then be allowed to guide our convoys at any time depending on which time you can definitely make. After each convoy you have guided, you will gain points which will then entitle you to be able to do other things throughout the company.