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Community Rules

Below you will find our community rules! Atlas reserve the right to update these rules without warning. Please read carefully and continue when you fully understand. if you are at all understand please private message a staff member!


Section 1 - Respect Other Users

1.1. Includes any nature of bullying, racism, insults and using excessive profanity of any kind.
1.2. Disputes or arguments must not occur in our channels. Atlas has no responsibility & enforce our policy's outside of the community.
1.3. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated. This could include people with learning difficulties, LGBT community, Culture or anything similar.
1.4. Slander and harassment of other communities will not be tolerated. You may discuss other communities and their choices but not begin to slander or harass!
1.5. Deliberate impersonation of another member by using either the nickname or change name feature on discord is forbidden!

Section 2 - Channel Use (Text/Voice)

2.1. Channel hopping is not permitted.
2.2. Voice/chat channels should only be used for their named purpose, for example music commands are not permitted in the ‘General Channel, only the #music-commands room.
2.3. Using a soundboard is not permitted (unless you have been given permission by a Community Manager or above)
2.4. Voice changers are not permitted.
2.5. Useless tagging of any user / role is forbidden.
2.6. Spamming text or voice chat is not permitted.
2.7. Sharing or posting of explicit, inappropriate or pornographic content and the distribution of links, pictures or videos of this nature is strictly forbidden.
2.8. The distribution of links or files containing viruses, malware, illegal software, torrents or similar that is considered illegal under UK or European Law is forbidden.
2.9. Sharing of personal information is done at your own discretion, we take no responsibility.
2.10. Any personal situations should be discussed in a private message. We reserve the right to remove it from our text channels without warning!
2.11. Describing terms using words either linked to diseases or other topics that some may take offence from; this includes, for example, the use of the word gay to negatively describe something.
2.12. Unnecessary noise /chatter should be kept to a minimum in public rooms. This includes (BUT is not limited to): Eating, Typing, steering wheel noise, Leaving mic unmuted whilst away, Running commentary of what you’re doing, Talking over others, Singing, Burping, Having conversations outside of discord, Shouting, Squealing or anything similar.
2.13. Atlas's chosen universal language is ENGLISH. Please keep public discussions in this language. You can suggest other languages in #suggestions.
2.14. Use of any discord bots should be kept to their desired channels. If you are unsure of what channel to use please ask a staff member.
2.15. Use of a music/radio bot should be kept in its designated channel, or still have global access. (You may NOT move bots into private channels!).

Section 3 - Staff

3.1. If you are given an instruction by a Atlas Staff member, you are to follow the instructions. If you disagree, contact us through our contact form or our report form.
3.2. Insulting any Atlas staff member in any means is forbidden, doing so will result in punishment.
3.3. Respect all Staff members, they are here to make this community a safe and enjoyable environment.
3.4. Impersonation of staff is strictly forbidden. Expect severe punishment if you do this.
3.5. Performing a staff members duties (e.g. Backseat moderating) is forbidden.

Section 4 - Applications and Bans

4.1. If you are banned from the server you have the right to appeal the ban. Contact us on our contact form.
4.2. Asking TruckersMP Staff about TMP applications or bans is not permitted. Use the TMP Website for any TMP related issues. –
4.3. If you have applied to Atlas (Community Roles), do not ask about your application, it will be processed in due course. Doing so could result in your application being discarded.
4.3.1. If you have applied for our VTC (Atlas Logistics). Please give up to 2 working days before asking about your application. If you recieve no reply we recommend that you contact the VTC Manager on discord, they can be found here.
4.4. If you have posted a new suggestion in #suggestions, do not ask about it, we will review and contact you. Do not post the link outside of Atlas to gain extra votes on your suggestion. Doing any of these may result in your suggestion being discarded.


Management and moderation have the right to issue any punishment they deem necessary which fits the situation. Some of these could include but are not limited to:

On Discord

  • Recorded Verbal or Written warnings.
  • Having content deleted without warning.
  • Server muting/deafening.
  • Server Kick or Ban.
  • Suspension from the community for up to 4 weeks.
  • Being stripped of rank.
  • Being asked to leave Atlas.
  • Being silenced on the server.
  • Losing donator benefits.

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