Atlas Gaming Group
"A chance to try something new…"

Atlas - Logistics VTC

Established in April 2017. Atlas Logistics, Our Virtual Trucking Company, became widely known very quickly. With a great team at the wheel, we are looking to expand our fleet.

Atlas - Grand Theft Auto V

Our Atlas Gaming GTA V Online crew is open for business. From Heists to Freeroam, We'll always be up for a bit of fun with the artillery on the open roads.

Atlas - Minecraft

Our Atlas Gaming minecraft server is a public server just for you! We have a range of plugins but the main server plugin is towny.
Click the button below to be re-directed to our Discord!

Atlas - Farming

Plough, Cultivate, Seed, Feritlise, Harvest, Plough, Cultivate, Seed, Feritlise, Harvest. I think you get the idea, Atlas Farming is here. Join our discord and ask about joining our community farm.

Atlas - Survivors

Just like your Grandma. The Dinosaurs are Stomping about! Ark is ready to be survived in.. For more info join our discord below!

Atlas - Rust

Grab the WD40! Your survival essential.. The Rust server is avaiable to play now! Click the button below to be directed to our discord, where you can ask about our server!

Atlas - Assetto Corsa

Grab your keys and helmet as the race is about to begin. Our Assetto Corsa server offers you the ability to compete with friends and foes, only the best make it to the podium. Are you one of them?

In Development

Our plans are always developing! However check back regularly to have a sneak peak on what we’re up to at Atlas.